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Started in 2012, Infonouveau™ is the brainchild of people who love books, love reading, and love learning. To that end, our mission at Infonouveau™ is to take advantage of current and future media technology to bring new life to an old medium – print – in order to put it back in the hands of the people, in an enhanced, more effective, but comfortable and familiar way.

With the advent of the iPad, and other eBook readers, the floodgates were opened on innovation in the publishing industry. Cries to “reinvent” the book as a way to save the industry were everywhere. At infonouveau we think these cries are off the mark. We feel the art is in a more subtle approach. We will acquire high-value written content, then use any media technology appropriate to augment the content in a way that supports and enhances it, not that competes with it. We will use whatever tools we need to make the old information new again.

This is our vision going forward. As our own expertise expands, so will the scope of what we will be able to offer, so, stay tuned!

Infonouveau™ is based in Rochester, NY, in an old Victorian house, full of dusty old books.

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